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SAP® Portals, SAP® Business Intelligence, SAP® SRM, SCM, PLM

Research and development as well as the integration of ERP concepts yield new opportunities and potentials. These can be implemented together with new innovative SAP® technologies and business models.

Our experienced consultants are able to maximize the full potential of all modern SAP® information and communication technology in order to develop and deploy the most innovative solutions.

The SAP® portal is a user interface for SAP® and legacy systems that can be accessed using the internet or company intranet. This provides the benefit of an integrated and streamlined method to support all business processes.

When you are using SAP® Business Intelligence to analyze, plan, and present your business data, you are able to accelerate the cycle of knowledge, decision, and action. You are able to reduce costs and throughput, achieve better quality and thus maximize your return on information.

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Are you looking for an integrated overview of all your business processes ranging from strategic planning to execution and performance management? And afterwards, for having a consolidated view of all business results from your affiliates?

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Supplier Relationship Management

Faced with the business demand for sustained profitability, companies of all sizes are looking to sourcing and procurement — and the bottom-line advantage of managing supplier costs. In most companies, 60% of revenue are spent on products and services. Therefore, if you can reduce these costs by only 10%, you have the same result as a 15% increase in turnover. As a consequence, proper supplier relationship management will increase your profit immediately!

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Product Lifecycle Management
Product innovation brings new challenges on a daily basis: After using sophisticated systems for design, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management, you may still need to get new products to market faster. You need an integrated solution for collaborative engineering, product development, management of projects, product structures, documentation, and quality.

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Supply Chain Management

You envison completely integrated logistics processes? SAP® Supply Chain Management can help your organization transform a linear supply chain into an adaptive supply chain network.

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SAP® Extensions and Additional Development

Minor modifications can lead to large optimizations in SAP® systems. Very often we find that the small clever solutions in particular will maximize your business profit.

We offer services in the following areas:

Our experience ranges from the creation of a simple system interface to an interface program up to the complete integration of a complex IT environment: Using EAI, we can optimize the integration of all your business processes across IT platforms and system environments. This alone will contribute significantly to a reduction in your IT maintenance costs.

We design and develop efficient business processes on an enterprise-wide scale. Using the SAP® WebFlow Engine we increase speed, quality, and transparency in each business area.

We can model all your business processes through system extensions and customization of the SAP® system. In close cooperation with you as our client, we will develop add-ons that can be maintained with minimal effort and that will easily work with future release changes. Our experience ranges from simple reporting to complex industry solutions.

SAP® Release Change, Enhancement Packages and Rollout

All SAP® standard software is constantly being updated and improved. Similarly, the technological progress as well as new functional requirements or a restructuring within your company require changes of the SAP® software.

iowell can offer years of experience for the successful planning and implementation of:

iowell SAP® Release Change

iowell SAP® Rollout

How do you deal with something like that? The choice and implementation of an adequate release strategy has to be done depending on your particular situation, the IT architecture, and your business strategy.

iowell can offer years of experience in the preparation, the planning, and implementation of all SAP® release changes.

Our services include:

  • preparation, planning, implementation, and quality assurance of SAP® release changes.
  • replacement of SAP® programmed extensions and modifications using standard functionality within the new release.
  • functional extension and optimization of business processes using features within the new SAP® software.

Successful and efficient SAP® rollout projects have the following key success factors:

1. Rollout experience for a particular industry

2. Experience with rollout templates

We are able to reduce the time required for the implementation significantly by using our know-how of SAP® templates together with our industry knowledge.

With you and your IT specialists we create the ideal scenario for the rollout project based on your requirements:

  • Rollout of jointly developed templates
  • Rollout of existing templates
  • ERP implementation at each customer site

SAP® Reengineering and Optimization

Many companies had big plans with the advent and implementation of SAP®. During SAP® implemantation, solutions are often subject to deadlines and constraints.  it is obvious that the true potential of SAP® systems has not been used by a long shot.

Die problems:

  • Opportunities for business process reengineering have not fully been used to their maximum potential.
  • New business requirements were not implemented.
  • Business user acceptance was missing.

Die results:

  • The original business objectives were not reached.
  • Planned benefits have not been achieved, and the return of investment is much longer than anticipated.
  • The total cost of ownership is clearly higher than planned.
  • The organization’s business processes are not harmonized with the existing IT solutions.

iowell has recognized this problem and has developed its own methodology,so that you can successfully reap the full potential of your SAP® investment.

Together with you, it is our goal to

  • realize the full potential for optimization within your company,
  • optimize costs,
  • maximize the benefits.

SAP® New Implementations and Extensions

SAP® new implementations and extensions require comprehensive SAP® knowledge and business experience in all specific requirements pertaining to your industry.

iowell can offer years of experience in SAP® implementations in various industries

We have acquired specific expertise in the SAP® ERP modules FI, CO, SD, MM, PM, PP, HR iwithin the different industries, as well as excellent and comprehensive knowledge of the SAP® Business Suite (SRM, SCM, PLM, CRM), SAP® HANA und SAP® NetWeaver (SAP® Portal, SAP® BW, SAP® xApps).

Um einen neuen oder optimierten Unternehmensprozess erfolgreich in ein bestehendes SAP®-System zu implementieren, ist es notwendig, die Branche zu kennen und Prozessabläufe zu verstehen. Darüber hinaus verfügen wir über hervorragende und übergreifende Systemkenntnisse. Der Ablauf einer Implementierung erfolgt in klar definierten Schritten:

  • Aufnahme des Ist-Prozesses
  • Optimierungspotenzial des Prozesses erkennen und ausarbeiten
  • Realisierungswege in SAP® aufzeigen
  • Prozess implementieren

Simplify Reporting in SAP® financial accounting

iowell management consultancy provides an SAP® add-on for the automated generation of hierarchies such as customer order groups, order groups and such like, designed to simplify report management in SAP® standard reporting for financial accounting.

The most important performance features are

  • master data properties taken from customer orders, CO orders, PP orders, PM orders, cost centres and profit centres are used to automatically create flexible hierarchies in SAP® SET
  • the hierarchies, expandable ‘on demand’, can be used in SAP® standard reporting for extremely flexible analyses in SAP® financial accounting.
  • customising feature for individual activation of the SAP® add-on


SAP® WM Connector for warehouse management

The SAP® add-on WM CONNECTOR enables the SAP® system to handle direct transport management of the warehouse equipment. The SAP® WM CONNECTOR, which iowell developed in cooperation with its partner Gebhardt Fördertechnik, is an add-on for SAP® WM-LSR and LE-IDW, which is supported by the Java-based SAP® WM COCKPIT in materials handling. Main performance characteristics and purpose

  • standardised interfaces to enable real-time connection between the SAP® system and the downstream conveyor line control in SPS Siemens S5/S7


  • dual-stage system architecture with direct coupling between TRM and the programmable logic controllers (PLC) renders a separate material flow computer obsolete
  • SAP® WM Cockpit to model material movements in the SAP® system


  • customising feature for individual activation of the SAP® add-on


Optimised VAT calculation for SAP® systems

iowell management consultancy offers an SAP® add-on to improve VAT calculations in SAP® systems. The SAP® add-on provides a frequently used, integrated solution that preserves process reliability in automated VAT calculations within the SAP® ERP system, for instance when handling serial or triangular deals. It also logs all results relevant to VAT. Here are its most important performance characteristics:

  • central management within financial accounting of all processes relevant to VAT
  • central text component management to print out all invoice and order texts relevant to VAT, cutting the necessity for laborious and individual programming of forms
  • automated modelling, also of serial and triangular deals
  • financial management can track log management of all results relevant to VAT at any time
    thus enabling timely detection of any mistakes relevant to VAT (as early as while registering the customer orders) and not after they are passed on to financial accounting, when it is actually too late!
  • cuts the need for sophisticated knowledge of VAT laws when registering orders VAT registration on our side and on the side of our business partners is already considered when determining the correct tax key
  • cross-checking during incoming invoice processing to ensure that the correct tax key was booked in serial and triangular deals (dependency on outgoing invoice)
  • customising feature for individual activation of the SAP® add-on to suit customer needs


VAT and SAP®

Bring greater efficiency to your financial accounting processes!

How do the complex value added tax laws affect your daily work in the SAP® system? How could the software help you improve your finance and accounting processes in future?

There is empirical evidence that hardly any company manages to handle all supply and services relationships on the purchasing and sales side without making any mistakes at all. Reasons for this include a lack of expertise in respect to applicable regulations under VAT laws or calculating the correct VAT within the SAP® system. This produces additional costs and, in the worst-case scenario, can produce incorrect datasets.

This is why it is imperative that you obtain detailed information on the requirements defined under VAT laws and how they are transmitted correctly. Find out also how to slim down recurring processes through the use of optimisation, standardisation and pre-settings.

Our consultancy services focus on the following topics:

Dependencies within the SAP® system – how components interlock

–    tax key, master data and condition techniques

How to pre-set recurring tasks as standards

–    input and output services

–    serial and triangular deals

Warehouse and consignment warehouse

–    delineation and treatment under VAT laws

–    activation and maintenance in the system

Advance return for tax on sales/purchases, summarised return and input tax refund application

–    how is this modelled in the SAP® application for financial management?

Electronic invoices

–    requirements and legally conformant transmission under tax laws

–    support using the SAP® application for purchasing and sales

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. To do this, please use our iowell contact form. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


SAP® LES / TRM Integration

A perfectly interwoven organisation of logistics and IT processes is among the most crucial factors for success in our current competitive environment and the overarching dynamism of global markets. iowell joins with its partner Gebhardt Fördertechnik to provide its customers with a one-stop solution for the integration of SAP® and in-house logistics solutions. Here, the focus is placed on the design and realisation of SAP® solutions for material flow and in-house materials handling. A team of consultants, well-versed in the logistics sector, uses SAP® LES / SAP® TRM and a selection of SAP® add-ons to design and introduce the integrated solutions as required. As elements within SAP® ERP, these SAP® components enable substantial integration of the logistics processes in the company’s standard operating procedures. SAP® integration within internal logistics focuses on the incorporation of warehouse technology as a fixed element in the existing IT environment

  • to ensure individual alignment with the SAP® systems
  • to introduce SAP® LES / SAP® TRM,


  • to provide interfaces and middleware to connect materials handling to upstream systems (e.g. SAP®)
  • to enable services such as release upgrade SAP® R/3 or SAP® Enterprise for mySAP® Enterprise
  • to enable concept development and implementation in the use of mySAP® Business Suite within existing SAP® solutions
  • also to provide individual SAP® upgrades and SAP® add-ons.

The iowell team ensures successful implementation across all areas required, and provides advice and support to the company throughout all project phases from planning and design to implementation, training and ongoing business. The use of management software to connect materials handling systems with SAP® systems is a crucial factor here. SAP® SCM (Supply Chain Management) enables integration of customers, suppliers, manufacturers and freight carriers within the information pipeline.