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Optimizing SAP® systems

iowell supports clients in optimizing their SAP® system.

Individual and business specific solutions particularly in this area help using the true potential instead of wasting it.
Our approach to optimize SAP systems is characterized by three essential components:

  • many years of experience in consulting
  • a comprehensive consulting approach
  • the analyzing tool SAP Reverse Business Engineer

The Reverse Business Engineer (RBE) extracts all relevant business data from the SAP system and edits them to provide a basis for pre-configured analyses and reports. Subsequently, business processes will be analyzed and evaluated in detail. Based on these results, appropriate actions will be developed to improve business processes from a comprehensive point of view. Realising the requirements in the areas of process optimization, training and change-management, we will specifically recommend the appropriate course of action. This includes a cost-benefit analysis, serving as basis for a short-term and long-term plan of action. Jointly with our consultants, it will be promptly realised under permanent target control.

Partnership with BDO Deutsche Warentreuhand AG

iowell specifically complements the comprehensive consulting approach by a partnership with the BDO Deutsche Warentreuhand AG.
The evolving synergy effects will be particularly beneficiary to specific tasks in the areas of VAT and SAP®.

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Solutions with iowell’s controlling update

iowell’s controlling update optimizes controlling and steering tools, bringing about comprehensive controlling solutions.

The controlling update enhances effectively the performance of the entire controlling process. At the same time, decisions and benefits and costs become more transparent, thus covering completely essential areas of controlling. Accordingly, we offer a modular consulting concept, with several modules covering systematically the crucial aspects of controlling.

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Direct transport control in ventilation and drive technology

For a major company of ventilation and drive technology, iowell achieves direct transport control of material handling, using SAP® solutions.

This is due to the GEBHARDT CONNECTOR, an interface realized in ABAP for SAP® WM-LSR and LE-IDW, serving as a link between track control and SAP® system.

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Modern controlling concept for water and sewage treatment

For a major local water and sewage company, iowell achieves more efficiency in all controlling procedures, improving transparency, quality and speed.

The success is a result of the new, modern controlling concept implemented and integrated for our clients by iowell consultants under SAP R/3 Enterprise.

Due to a comprehensive consulting approach, iowell managed without any difficulty the conceptual readjustment in controlling as well as the implementation of this new procedure.

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International SAP® implementation in stainless steel industry

iowell supports clients in optimizing their SAP® system.

Within this project, iowell consultants will demonstrate their technical know-how and their high level of organisation, coordination and sensitiveness on several international locations.

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SAP® Portal

The SAP® portal is a user interface for SAP® and legacy systems that can be accessed using the internet or company intranet. This provides the benefit of an integrated and streamlined method to support all business processes.

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SAP® Business Intelligence

When you are using SAP® Business Intelligence to analyze, plan, and present your business data, you are able to accelerate the cycle of knowledge, decision, and action. You are able to reduce costs and throughput, achieve better quality and thus maximize your return on information.

Using SAP® Business Intelligence , you will achieve an integrated and consistent system solution to obtain a comprehensive view of all your business data. SAP® Business Intelligence is also offering an integrated tool for your analysis of external as well as internal data. This means that you are able to use information from all SAP® and non-SAP® software as well as your legacy systems.

This gives your planning tools direct access to all data in your ERP systems.

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Strategic Enterprise Management

Are you looking for an integrated overview of all your business processes ranging from strategic planning to execution and performance management? And afterwards, for having a consolidated view of all business results from your affiliates? SAP® SEM is the answer!

Planning, budgeting, and forecasting — SAP® SEM helps you to model and simulate the various planning options and use preconfigured planning software to get a quick start on operational planning tasks – such as cost center planning and sales planning. The application supports traditional budgeting and rolling forecasts as well as collaborative planning.

Corporate performance management and scorecards: with SAP® SEM, you can develop KPIs or key performance indicators that support a number of popular scorecard methodologies, including balanced scorecard, economic value-added, and activity-based costing methods. You can link operational and strategic plans and develop scorecards and performance measures based on financial and nonfinancial data.

SAP® SEM lets you generate consolidated financial and managerial reports for a globally distributed business or entity according to local legal requirements. The application can aggregate financial data from SAP® and non-SAP® systems into a single analytical reporting environment, enabling you to monitor the financial performance of individual subunits on a worldwide basis. This helps you to be on top of deviations and allows you to directly respond to these challenges.

Furthermore, SAP® SEM helps you to identify, quantify, and analyze business risks within individual business units and manage risk-reducing activities.

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Supplier Relationship Management

Faced with the business demand for sustained profitability, companies of all sizes are looking to sourcing and procurement — and the bottom-line advantage of managing supplier costs. In most companies, 60% of revenue are spent on products and services. Therefore, if you can reduce these costs by only 10%, you have the same result as a 15% increase in turnover. As a consequence, proper supplier relationship management will increase your profit immediately!

Automate your sourcing functions and optimize your process to the next level of strategic performance: from better business planning, more effective category management, improved supplier qualification to more efficient supplier negotiation, and better contract management.

All operational activities of procurement, including requisitioning, ordering, receiving, and financial settlement are completely standardized and integrated.

You can link your suppliers to your purchasing processes via SAP® Supplier Network or through the supplier portal or other means in order to collaborate more effectively.

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