Supplier Relationship Management

Faced with the business demand for sustained profitability, companies of all sizes are looking to sourcing and procurement — and the bottom-line advantage of managing supplier costs. In most companies, 60% of revenue are spent on products and services. Therefore, if you can reduce these costs by only 10%, you have the same result as a 15% increase in turnover. As a consequence, proper supplier relationship management will increase your profit immediately!

Automate your sourcing functions and optimize your process to the next level of strategic performance: from better business planning, more effective category management, improved supplier qualification to more efficient supplier negotiation, and better contract management.

All operational activities of procurement, including requisitioning, ordering, receiving, and financial settlement are completely standardized and integrated.

You can link your suppliers to your purchasing processes via SAP® Supplier Network or through the supplier portal or other means in order to collaborate more effectively.

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