Controlling for us is a service as well as a business management tool.

It is comparable to a steering wheel and the instruments on the dashboard of a car. These tools are there to help the driver operate the vehicle safely and reach the desired destination.

In the same way this is exactly the task of management. Controlling supports management by the generation and interpretation of essential information and is available when needed to help in the navigation of the business. Controlling too has to improve its performance to guide a business in the dynamic environment of today.

We at iowell have, on the basis of our extensive experience, developed systematic procedures to substantially increase the performance of present controlling systems.

The iowell controlling system consists of four modules:

  • Design of controlling systems
  • Business guidance with controlling systems
  • Business planning and budgeting in controlling systems
  • New controlling procedures and their integration into controlling systems

We adapt these modules to the crucial aspects of your business.

Plan of action in controlling

Our systematic plan of action at iowell can been seen as a phased approach:

In the first phase we analyze the controlling system and benchmark it, to ascertain its current performance. In the following phase we design a new controlling system for the client. The realization of controlling concepts is one of our core competencies at iowell. We therefore prefer to work with you, the client in developing new controlling concepts.

During the ensuing learning process, we offer all necessary support.

While looking for new competitive advantages, controlling has an important task to fulfill. Controlling must be so positioned as to be able to influence the future of the company, rather than administering the past.

A road on which we, at iowell, would like to accompany you as our client.