All SAP® standard software is constantly being updated and improved. Similarly, the technological progress as well as new functional requirements or a restructuring within your company require changes of the SAP® software.

iowell can offer years of experience for the successful planning and implementation of:

iowell SAP® Release Change

iowell SAP® Rollout

How do you deal with something like that? The choice and implementation of an adequate release strategy has to be done depending on your particular situation, the IT architecture, and your business strategy.

iowell can offer years of experience in the preparation, the planning, and implementation of all SAP® release changes.

Our services include:

  • preparation, planning, implementation, and quality assurance of SAP® release changes.
  • replacement of SAP® programmed extensions and modifications using standard functionality within the new release.
  • functional extension and optimization of business processes using features within the new SAP® software.

Successful and efficient SAP® rollout projects have the following key success factors:

1. Rollout experience for a particular industry

2. Experience with rollout templates

We are able to reduce the time required for the implementation significantly by using our know-how of SAP® templates together with our industry knowledge.

With you and your IT specialists we create the ideal scenario for the rollout project based on your requirements:

  • Rollout of jointly developed templates
  • Rollout of existing templates
  • ERP implementation at each customer site