A perfectly interwoven organisation of logistics and IT processes is among the most crucial factors for success in our current competitive environment and the overarching dynamism of global markets. iowell joins with its partner Gebhardt Fördertechnik to provide its customers with a one-stop solution for the integration of SAP® and in-house logistics solutions. Here, the focus is placed on the design and realisation of SAP® solutions for material flow and in-house materials handling. A team of consultants, well-versed in the logistics sector, uses SAP® LES / SAP® TRM and a selection of SAP® add-ons to design and introduce the integrated solutions as required. As elements within SAP® ERP, these SAP® components enable substantial integration of the logistics processes in the company’s standard operating procedures. SAP® integration within internal logistics focuses on the incorporation of warehouse technology as a fixed element in the existing IT environment

  • to ensure individual alignment with the SAP® systems
  • to introduce SAP® LES / SAP® TRM,


  • to provide interfaces and middleware to connect materials handling to upstream systems (e.g. SAP®)
  • to enable services such as release upgrade SAP® R/3 or SAP® Enterprise for mySAP® Enterprise
  • to enable concept development and implementation in the use of mySAP® Business Suite within existing SAP® solutions
  • also to provide individual SAP® upgrades and SAP® add-ons.

The iowell team ensures successful implementation across all areas required, and provides advice and support to the company throughout all project phases from planning and design to implementation, training and ongoing business. The use of management software to connect materials handling systems with SAP® systems is a crucial factor here. SAP® SCM (Supply Chain Management) enables integration of customers, suppliers, manufacturers and freight carriers within the information pipeline.