An increasing variant diversity, a flexible production process and transparent production costs are becoming key success factors in the manufacturing industry as well as in mechanical and plant engineering.

The increasing needs for individualized products in the consumer goods industry can be realized with variant configurators. Variant configuration applied in mechanical and plant engineering allows technical clarification of a project as early as in the stage of order acceptance.

An effective solution to manage variant diversity is the SAP integrated variant configurator. Both simple as well as complex products and plants can be compiled in the SAP variant configurator and passed on to the production process.

Advantages of SAP variant configuration are for instance:

  • Reduction of parts lists
  • Acceleration of order processing
  • Manageable and transparent control installation
  • Reduction of knowledge monopoly

Introducing the SAP configurator opens up a range of advantages for a company which we would like to develop jointly in the course of the workshop “SAP Variant configuration”.

The objective of the workshop is to develop an individually customized package of measures for the company to enable also a gradual introduction of the SAP variant configurator.

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