Bring greater efficiency to your financial accounting processes!

How do the complex value added tax laws affect your daily work in the SAP® system? How could the software help you improve your finance and accounting processes in future?

There is empirical evidence that hardly any company manages to handle all supply and services relationships on the purchasing and sales side without making any mistakes at all. Reasons for this include a lack of expertise in respect to applicable regulations under VAT laws or calculating the correct VAT within the SAP® system. This produces additional costs and, in the worst-case scenario, can produce incorrect datasets.

This is why it is imperative that you obtain detailed information on the requirements defined under VAT laws and how they are transmitted correctly. Find out also how to slim down recurring processes through the use of optimisation, standardisation and pre-settings.

Our consultancy services focus on the following topics:

Dependencies within the SAP® system – how components interlock

–    tax key, master data and condition techniques

How to pre-set recurring tasks as standards

–    input and output services

–    serial and triangular deals

Warehouse and consignment warehouse

–    delineation and treatment under VAT laws

–    activation and maintenance in the system

Advance return for tax on sales/purchases, summarised return and input tax refund application

–    how is this modelled in the SAP® application for financial management?

Electronic invoices

–    requirements and legally conformant transmission under tax laws

–    support using the SAP® application for purchasing and sales

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