iowell is an international company focused on business consulting services for mid-sized businesses.

Our areas of expertise include

iowell Business Development

iowell SAP® Development

iowell Executive Search / Human Capital Development

iowell is the company for consulting at the highest possible level:

No more standardized consulting products, no more interchangeability of consulting products, but rather to individual solutions best suited for the client.

In short: “Individual consulting for comprehensive solutions”.


International SAP S/4 HANA implementation for automotive supplier

iowell Unternehmensberatung implements SAP S/4 HANA in Germany, Great Britain, USA, China and India for a leading medium-sized automotive supplier [...]


Workshop – Controlling with SAP® S/4 HANA

The new SAP®S/4 HANA software offers a multitude of new functions in the planning, control and monitoring process of controlling. [...]



No more standardized consulting services.


No more interchangeability of consulting products.


Towards individual solutions for the client.


Engineering and construction being active in the capital equipment industry sector are often subject to market volatility. Increased international competition has put extreme pressure on margins, which in some markets has led to consolidation in that industry.
In spite of this, it is possible for strong companies who position and specialise themselves in niche markets to attain and maintain attractive results and to realize their growth strategy.

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The times are over in the high tech sector when the demand was larger than the supply. With general decline in client loyalty, a professional, up-to-date customer relation management (CRM) becomes even more important. Today´s speed of innovation creates immense time-to-market and cost pressures.

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Public service providers are increasingly keen to bring greater efficiency and simplicity to their business processes in order to meet the tasks with which they are entrusted and to accommodate the ever-tightening purse strings of public coffers. This is particularly true if one considers that the quality of public services must not suffer.

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The automotive supplier industry faces a dizzying pace of innovation and permanent cost pressure from the downstream automotive industry. The increasingly networked structures within the automotive industry merely heightens this development.

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The service industry enjoys increased growth and volume. The start-ups as well as the employment numbers are by far the most positive in this industry. Naturally these opportunities in the service industry facilitate the increase in the amount of start-ups and with this the competition for individual firms. Services are becoming more and more interchangeable.

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Changes in the media industry have always been a fact. They have however never been as extreme as they are today. The present day challenges demand a radical change of direction in the traditional management of the media.

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