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Process and SAP® system optimisation in plant engineering

iowell successfully streamlines processes and the SAP® system on behalf of a prestigious company in the plant engineering sector.

A prestigious company within the plant engineering sector commissioned iowell management consultancy to streamline its long-standing processes and to optimise its increasingly opaque SAP® system.

Here, iowell analysed and evaluated the relevant business processes within the SAP® system based on predefined analyses and reports. These evaluations were taken as the starting point to derive a suitable action plan to improve business processes. iowell joined with the customer to implement these measures in the SAP® system within a tight timeframe.

SAP® add-on VAT ID check for the GEA Group

The GEA Group uses the SAP® add-on for VAT ID number checks in SAP® systems, developed by iowell management consultancy. The SAP® add-on provides a frequently used, integrated solution for qualified checks of debtor/creditor master data and the voucher data involved in the process within SAP ERP systems.
The SAP® add-on for VAT ID checks was successfully implemented in the existing GEA Group SAP systems within a very tight timeframe.
The GEA Group is one of the largest providers within the food-processing industry and large sections of other processing industries.

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Rollout of new controlling systems for prestigious companies within the automotive supplier industry

iowell and its customer, a prestigious company within the automotive supplier industry, is introducing greater transparency, quality and speed to all controlling processes within the company thanks to its rollout of a new controlling system under SAP® ERP. This success is based on the new, modern controlling concept, which the iowell consultants introduced and anchored within SAP® ERP Enterprise.

The conceptual realignment of the controlling system and the introduction of new approaches ran smoothly and culminated in a resounding success, not least due to the integral consultancy methods applied by the iowell consultants.

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International SAP ERP rollout for leading manufacturer of industrial grade 3-D printing systems

iowell management consultancy is responsible for implementing SAP® ERP within the financial accounting system of a leading manufacturer of industrial grade 3-D printing systems in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. The project will be completed within a very tight timeframe. The iowell consultants will manage the project in cooperation with the customer. Besides technical SAP® expertise, this project will require a high degree of business management skills and structured implementation methodologies.

SAP® add-on for optimised VAT calculation in SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive uses the SAP® add-on developed by iowell management consultancy for optimised VAT calculation in SAP® systems. The SAP® add-on provides a frequently used, integrated solution that preserves process reliability in automated VAT calculations within the SAP® ERP system, for instance when handling serial or triangular deals. It also logs all results relevant to VAT.

The SAP® add-on for optimised VAT calculation was successfully implemented within the existing SAP systems at SEW Eurodrive within a very tight timeframe.

Here are the most important performance characteristics of the iowell SAP® add-on for optimised VAT calculation
iowell Optimierte Umsatzsteuerfindung für SAP® Systeme

Workshop – electronic submission of financial statements with SAP®

The German law introduced in 2008 to reduce the administrative burden of taxation mandates a procedure for submitting financial statements in digital form in place of paper-based documents.

Companies whose fiscal year commences after December 31, 2010 must submit balance sheets, profit and loss statements and where necessary, tax reconciliations electronically, using a standardized format.

iowell offers a workshop on the electronic submission of financial statements in accordance with this new legislation with SAP®. The workshop will address the following issues:

  • How is tax-related data best handled within an SAP® system?
  • How do balance sheets and statements have to be structured for electronic submission?
  • What tool is used to submit the statements?

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VAT ID validation for SAP® systems

Management consultants iowell provide a routine for validating VAT ID numbers with SAP® systems.

The tool offers an integrated validation solution for master data and for document data relating to accounts payable and receivables.

Key features

  • Automatic and manual online validation of VAT ID numbers, along with the company name (including the legal form according to the commercial register), city, street and zip code
  • Verification by the Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) in accordance with German VAT legislation
  • Integration of online validation as a background process during order processing and the creation of delivery notes and invoices
  • Recording of validation results in a dedicated audit log table in the SAP® system for audit purposes
  • Log-table monitor and functionality for analyzing and editing log entries. Where required, a log entry can be manually linked to a document (order, delivery note or invoice). The monitor enables users to correct master data and resubmit a query.
  • Option of selecting only those receivables for which there are active documents. This prevents the routine from checking all master data every time a validation is performed.
  • Functionality for customizing the SAP® add-on

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Workshop – SAP® variant configuration in practice

We at iowell business consultancy offer a workshop to develop “SAP® variant configuration in practice”.

Advantages of SAP® variant configuration are for instance:

  • Reduction of parts lists
  • Acceleration of order processing
  • Manageable and transparent control installation
  • Reduction of knowledge monopoly

Introducing the SAP® configurator opens up a range of advantages for a company which we will be developing jointly in the course of the workshop “SAP® Variant configuration in practice”.

The objective of the workshop is to develop an individually customized package of measures for the company to enable also a gradual introduction of the SAP® variant configurator.

Please benefit from our respective experiences from day to day business practice and our implementation know-how in SAP®.

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Optimizing SAP® systems

iowell supports clients in optimizing their SAP® system.

Individual and business specific solutions particularly in this area help using the true potential instead of wasting it.
Our approach to optimize SAP systems is characterized by three essential components:

  • many years of experience in consulting
  • a comprehensive consulting approach
  • the analyzing tool SAP Reverse Business Engineer

The Reverse Business Engineer (RBE) extracts all relevant business data from the SAP system and edits them to provide a basis for pre-configured analyses and reports. Subsequently, business processes will be analyzed and evaluated in detail. Based on these results, appropriate actions will be developed to improve business processes from a comprehensive point of view. Realising the requirements in the areas of process optimization, training and change-management, we will specifically recommend the appropriate course of action. This includes a cost-benefit analysis, serving as basis for a short-term and long-term plan of action. Jointly with our consultants, it will be promptly realised under permanent target control.

Partnership with BDO Deutsche Warentreuhand AG

iowell specifically complements the comprehensive consulting approach by a partnership with the BDO Deutsche Warentreuhand AG.
The evolving synergy effects will be particularly beneficiary to specific tasks in the areas of VAT and SAP®.

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