iowell management consultancy offers an SAP® add-on to improve VAT calculations in SAP® systems. The SAP® add-on provides a frequently used, integrated solution that preserves process reliability in automated VAT calculations within the SAP® ERP system, for instance when handling serial or triangular deals. It also logs all results relevant to VAT. Here are its most important performance characteristics:

  • central management within financial accounting of all processes relevant to VAT
  • central text component management to print out all invoice and order texts relevant to VAT, cutting the necessity for laborious and individual programming of forms
  • automated modelling, also of serial and triangular deals
  • financial management can track log management of all results relevant to VAT at any time
    thus enabling timely detection of any mistakes relevant to VAT (as early as while registering the customer orders) and not after they are passed on to financial accounting, when it is actually too late!
  • cuts the need for sophisticated knowledge of VAT laws when registering orders VAT registration on our side and on the side of our business partners is already considered when determining the correct tax key
  • cross-checking during incoming invoice processing to ensure that the correct tax key was booked in serial and triangular deals (dependency on outgoing invoice)
  • customising feature for individual activation of the SAP® add-on to suit customer needs