iowell supports clients in optimizing their SAP® system.

Individual and business specific solutions particularly in this area help using the true potential instead of wasting it.
Our approach to optimize SAP systems is characterized by three essential components:

  • many years of experience in consulting
  • a comprehensive consulting approach
  • the analyzing tool SAP Reverse Business Engineer

The Reverse Business Engineer (RBE) extracts all relevant business data from the SAP system and edits them to provide a basis for pre-configured analyses and reports. Subsequently, business processes will be analyzed and evaluated in detail. Based on these results, appropriate actions will be developed to improve business processes from a comprehensive point of view. Realising the requirements in the areas of process optimization, training and change-management, we will specifically recommend the appropriate course of action. This includes a cost-benefit analysis, serving as basis for a short-term and long-term plan of action. Jointly with our consultants, it will be promptly realised under permanent target control.