Management consultants iowell provide a routine for validating VAT ID numbers with SAP® systems.

The tool offers an integrated validation solution for master data and for document data relating to accounts payable and receivables.

Key features

  • Automatic and manual online validation of VAT ID numbers, along with the company name (including the legal form according to the commercial register), city, street and zip code
  • Verification by the Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) in accordance with German VAT legislation
  • Integration of online validation as a background process during order processing and the creation of delivery notes and invoices
  • Recording of validation results in a dedicated audit log table in the SAP® system for audit purposes
  • Log-table monitor and functionality for analyzing and editing log entries. Where required, a log entry can be manually linked to a document (order, delivery note or invoice). The monitor enables users to correct master data and resubmit a query.
  • Option of selecting only those receivables for which there are active documents. This prevents the routine from checking all master data every time a validation is performed.
  • Functionality for customizing the SAP® add-on

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