In situations of competitive markets, with increasing demands for the ideal candidate or due to the increased necessity for confidentiality, the most effective method of finding the appropriate employee for a company is the direct search contact. Instead of publishing a vacant position to the general public, this valuable information is targeted at the small group of executives and specialists most likely to be of interest to the company.

In other cases, e.g. if time is a vital factor, the search via advertisements (in the print media or via internet) could be the most suitable and effective method. Within a short period of time, this method leads to direct contact of interested candidates who are already open to new offers of employment and willing to change their current position. Web-recruiting and internet search are becoming increasingly important.

Combining the different search methods has also proved to be very successful as the various advantages are combined and benefit the search process.

The selection of the appropriate method is determined in accordance to the individual circumstances and the requests of our client and therefore results in highly qualified consulting which consists of the following elements:

  • analysis and concept
  • research and evaluation
  • selection and presentation
  • integration and coaching

If our client wishes to advertise for new executives in the company´s name our iowell media service offers support regarding the concept, layout, wording, and placement of the job offers.