Effective and transparent governance in today’s business is one of the most important factors influencing the results of the corporation. We at iowell accompany our clients on the road to more effective and transparent results in the areas of:

  • Performance Measurements of a Business Strategy
  • Controlling and Finance
  • A Balanced Scorecard

Performance measurement

  • translates the strategic goals into tangible management ratios.
  • supports the communication of the strategic targets to the organisation.
  • checks the performance-drivers against the specific operating figures.

In conjunction with our clients we develop and establish organisational management and controlling systems to the most modern concepts, with tools like:

Accounting Standards (HGB, IFRS/IAS, US-GAAP)
The foundation for a successful execution of parallel balancing is an integrated budgeting procedure. Parallel balancing can be executed by using accounting standard IFRS (IAS) or US-GAAP, in combination with “Best Practice” methods, e.g. with the introduction of the cost of sales method.

Business Planning and Guidance
Substantially increase the effectiveness of planning, as an instrument of corporate performance. Establish an integrated logistical and financial planning, coordination and simulation.

Redesign and Implementation of Existing FI/CO Systems
Optimization of the existing financial processes and harmonization of SAP FI/CO-systems, which have been further developed over the years.

Controlling with the help of Key Performance Indicators is the foundation for the continuous improvement of the financial and logistical corporate goals. We help with the building of a Balanced Scorecard.